Heart of the Mountain

Team members Brett Apitz, Jessie Contours, Elliot Franford, and Jesse Stern came together to create the Heart of the Mountain. This is a stealth game built in Unity. You are a squirrel in exile and you must collect acorns before the sun comes up. Your fellow squirrels don’t like you and will chase you away if they see you in the day. Dangers at night include an owl and guard squirrels that will attack you if you try to steal acorns from other squirrels. They incorporated the theme by letting the player constantly hear a heartbeat. When it is safer, the heartbeat is slower.

The game is inspired by Papa Sangria, a stealth game played primarily with the aid of audio clues, and the game Thief. Jessie likes cute animals and this led to the design of the squirrels. The team further aspired to have an Easter Egg in the game that changes the dynamic of the game and for this they kept their initial ideas in mind when hearing about the theme, which were about a horror or zombie game.

See here the final presentation of their game:

To play the game go to the game’s global game jam site here.


  • Jesse Stern
    • Studies: Math and University of Rochester
    • GGJ Role: Game/Level design and Music
    • Favorite Game: Dominion, Dark Souls, Shadow of Colossus
  • Brett Apitz
    • Studies: Sound recording/ music production. Brett works for a game audio company
    • GGJ Role: Sound Design and some music
    • Favorite Game: Braid, Spec Ops The Line, Dark Souls
  • Elliot Franford
    • Studies: Software Engineering
    • GGJ Role: Programming
    • Favorite Game: Shadow Of Collosus, Katamari, Dark Souls
  • Jessie Contour
    • Studies: Art
    • GGJ Role: Animiation
    • Favorite Game: Tribes