Global Game Jam (Jan 2013)

The Playable Innovative Technologies (PLAIT) Lab hosted together with the Digital Media Commons (DMC) at Northeastern University the Boston Global Game Jam (GGJ) in 2013. Below are links to the original announcement, the participant information, and the facebook page:


All Global Game Jam Participants after a weekend of game madness

Twelve games were created and our volunteers interviewed the groups working on their games throughout the weekend. You can read about the game creation process, see the game’s final presentation, and play them on the following pages:

  1. Jarheart
  2. Heart of the Mountain
  3. Thrall
  4. The Witching Meow-er
  5. Astrophage
  6. Vahiy
  7. Dungenerations
  8. Umbra
  9. Escape from Molehill Mountain
  10. The Voyage
  11. NanoVirus
  12. Lost Hearts

PLAIT Faculty Magy Seif El-Nasr, Anders Drachen, Alessandro Canossa, and Gillian Smith formed the jury for this event and they had to decide who had to win “The Best Game Design Award” and “The Most Innovative Game Award”. It was a tight call and after much deliberation and debate the jury decided that Dungenerations won The Best Game Design Award.


Brian Souillard with The Best Game Design Award for his Dungenerations

The jury decided that another lone wolf won the other award, that of Most Innovative Game:


Reed Lockwood with The Most Innovative Game Award for his game Thrall

The Public Recognition Award was spearheaded by the Northeastern Game Development Club. Paul Murray, the head of this club, counted the votes and had to conclude that there were two winners: Vahiy and Dungenerations.


Vahiy and Dungenerations share the Public Recognition Award

We want to thank the volunteers for making this event possible. The volunteers were:

  • Nicholas Alekhine
  • Tyler Kaminsky
  • Andrew Krischer
  • Martha Martinez
  • Paul Murray