Gaming for Resilient Cyber-Physical-Social Systems

How do we prepare for the unexpected? This question is more pertinent than ever in the 21st century. Advances in globalization and technology have made societies and the environment more vulnerable to threats and disruptions, due to increased interdependencies among networks of organizations and infrastructures, as has the expanding urbanization and population growth. To increase resilience and sustainability against adversities, decision-making is key, now and in the future. For example, the Port of Houston has a state-wide economic impact measured at $178.5 billion and 1,026,820 jobs in the State of Texas. Any disruption will have major consequences. In fact, consequences will go beyond the state region if refineries have to be shut down. Effective pro-active and reactive decisions will mitigate the consequences. Gaming provides an ideal environment to explore these decisions in a safe manner and for providing stakeholders with an educational experience. In this project we will investigate the use of gaming for creating resilient cyber-physical-social systems by considering scenarios for the Port of Houston by directly engaging with stakeholders from the Port of Houston and with a software company that provides a management software package for harbor support and security services.

Position description: We are looking for a student and preferably a team of 2 students that help us in creating a mockup. If the mockup is successful, subsequent funding might be available to continue the project and turn it into an actual game played with stakeholders at the Port of Houston. We require mature students who feel confident in engaging with companies. We are in need of at least one student with strong programming skills (preferably with experience with Java and Javascript). Experience in programming games is desired but not required. Starting date is flexible but the sooner the better. This project can also be done as co-op. The team consists of Profs Dave Kaeli and Casper Harteveld.

Contact: Prof. Casper Harteveld (