Gaming for Marine Science

Project description: In collaboration with the Marine Science Center we are exploring the use of gaming for various marine science projects. We are considering two projects in particular. The first project is in collaboration with the Ocean Genome Legacy (OGL) group and Prof. Helmuth’s Lab. The central idea is to engage scientists and citizen scientists through a game to improve the quality and reliability of species identification by experts and non-experts alike. We will explore possibilities including interactive keys, image and shape recognition and social networking to explore new ways to solve the old problem of how to accurately recognize species. The second project is on creating a simulation game that represents a biophysical eco-system, for example on the eco-system of mussels, and connecting this with a socio-political system where policies are made.

Position description: We are looking for a student and preferably a team of 2 students that help us in exploring the use of gaming for marine science. Interested students will have to work (partially) at the Marine Science Center in Nahant, MA to get immersed in the domain of marine science and work closely with the experts there. This project can also be done as co-op. The team consists of Profs. Brian Helmuth, Dan Distel, and Casper Harteveld and PhD students Allison Matzelle and Francis Choi.

Contact: Prof. Casper Harteveld (