Games for Impact

Games for Impact is a research area focused on the use of games for edu­ca­tion, train­ing, health, or other appli­ca­tions beyond enter­tain­ment. The group inves­ti­gates the devel­op­ment of games for health behav­ior change in eat­ing, health, or exer­cis­ing. Games for Impact also inves­ti­gate devel­op­ment of games for edu­ca­tion and training.

sparks_002_14112012_083902An example is My Spa Resort, a game developed by Igniteplay to promote healthy eating and exercise. Faculty at PLAIT is working collaboratively with Igniteplay to develop and evaluate the game for health behavior change.

Faculty: Alessandro CanossaAnders Drachen, Casper HarteveldMagy Seif El-Nasr, Carmen Sceppa, Mariya Shiyko, and Gillian Smith.

Post Doctoral Researcher: Shree Durga

Students: Pamela Naab, PhD Student, Bouve College of Health Sciences

Selected Publications: