Game Demo Day 2013 Announcement


Game Demo Day is the first annual showcase of all of the games that NU students have made. It will consist of a demo session where students can play each other’s games and members of the larger university community can play them too. Selected students will have the chance to present their game for a panel of industry and academic judges, who will give awards. The goal is to bring together and celebrate our diverse community of students who are interested in making games.

Students are now able to register for the event, either as presenter or as attendee. Presenters are students who will demo their game during the event. For logistical reasons they need to indicate their intent to demo their game before March 15. Attendees are those who want to attend the event to play the wonderful games their fellow students have created. They can register until April 12th.

The event is made possible by the College of Computer and Information Science and the College of Arts, Media and Design and is organized by the Playable Innovative Technologies (PLAIT) research group with support from the Center for the Arts.

Attendance and Demo Registration

Attendance is free of charge but for logistical reasons (space, food, drinks etc.) we would like to know in advance who will be attending and who will be presenting. Presenters can sign up for other members of their team and will be asked a number of specific questions that will help us to determine what you need to demonstrate your game on the event. The deadline for presenting a game is March 15th. Attendees can only get one ticket for each registration and the deadline for signing up is one week in advance, on April 12th.

Attendance and demo registration website:

At the Event

All participants will have a workspace at which attendees can play their games. When registering for the event, you can indicate your needs in terms of space and facilities. However, we will not provide for computers, tablets, and phones. We highly recommend participants to create and bring a poster and/or flyers of their game.

Competition and Awards

Like all other attendees, a panel of industry and academic experts will play your game during the event. They will award a number of student game projects for excellence. The attendees have a vote too because during the award ceremony a public choice award will be awarded.

Submission Criteria

We invite students to submit digital or non-digital games of any genre, including but not limited to games that fit into one or more of the following categories:

  • Games for a purpose / serious games
  • Games with innovative technologies
  • Experimental game design
  • Cultural commentary
  • Satirical games
  • Cooperative games
  • Social games
  • Mobile games
  • Augmented reality games
  • Board games
  • Live action role-playing games
  • Tabletop role-playing games
  • Improv games
  • Mods of existing games
  • Prototypes

The only submission criterion is that the game needs to be playable at the event. This means that no game concepts are accepted.

What If My Game Is Not Finished?

You may be working on a game right now in class or outside of class and this game is not finished yet. You may even just started working on one. All of this is not a problem at all for signing up for the event. You can still sign up as a presenter because the game only has to be playable at the event itself. You can fill out the questions to the best of your current knowledge and you can submit any necessary changes at a later time to

Any Other Questions?

For more information or questions, please contact the PLAIT Research Lab at