Winner of the Best Game Design Award and Public Recognition Award (together with Vahiy)

Fewer than 24 hours have passed since the release of the theme, and by now members are hard at work crafting their envisioned games. Ideas are set, code is being written, and assets drawn.

I sat down with Brian Soulliard for 15 minutes to talk about his game, DunGenerations, and how he’s fairing tackling the game jam solo. I asked him earlier if he had reservations working alone. He replied that while he has a lot of work to get through, working alone allows him to fully develop his vision.

Brian took the theme to heart, thinking of the connection between a mother and her child in the womb. “The first thing a child hears in the womb is its mother’s heartbeat.” Brian sought inspiration from his parents, who he acknowledges have enabled him to go to college and create games. He adds that progress is the goal for every civilization. “Each generation is supposed to leave behind more for the next generation. Each…is a little better off.” He is inspired to create a game that revolves around this relationship: doing something for your kin; sacrificing for something greater.

His game concept centers on a village that is terrorized by some evil entity or monster. The monster lives outside the village in a deep and dark cave. After generations of living in terror, your family has finally had enough. You play as a member of the family, going through room to room in this cave with the goal of eventually facing the dark being. In every room you encounter various minions and monsters you must slay.

The general mechanic of the game centers on collecting equipment to enhance your character’s ability. There’s a catch though. You have a time limit to defeat the monster at the end of the game, and it’s impossible to reach the end with your first character. Every time you die, whether from a monster or reaching the time limit, you play as your previous character’s child.

See here the final presentation of the game:

To play the game go to the game’s global game jam site here.


    • Brian Souillard

Interviewed and written by Andrew Kirschner.