Guest Lecture:Susan Mercer, Uncovering Hidden Insights Through User Interviews

September 23, 2019

Susan Mercer delivered a provocative presentation on User Interviews to the students and faculty of the graduate program in Experience Design. Susan discussed a variety of techniques and scenarios to use in user research. She went in depth with her past experience to show examples of how she has used these techniques over her career, and what sort of information can be found this way. From her work with a variety of companies while she was at Mad*Pow – to her time currently at Travelocity, she has a wealth of experience in User Research and shared some incredibly interesting stories with us.

Q & A

How do you decide where to conduct interviews?

If you are asking about a particular experience, it can be helpful to be in the space where that experience takes place. However, there is a trade off. If you are in a busy area, like a T-Station, then you won’t have a long time to conduct the interview, but if you are in a separate location you can have a focused interview with designated time.