Guest Lecture:Mike Hawley, Experience Design – An Agency Perspective

October 21, 2019

Mike Hawley delivered an interesting presentation on his experience as the Chief Design Officer at Mad*Pow to the students and faculty of the graduate program in Experience Design. Mike illustrated a variety of challenges that he and his team at Mad*Pow have tackled when designing for different industries, and stakeholders. He walked us through a few different projects that Mad*Pow has worked on and illustrated their insights by walking us through the process and showing the moment they realized what the problem was. It was an insightful talk focusing on process, the lean process of an agency.

Interesting Insight

An interesting topic that came up was how to convince different stakeholders that they need an experience design perspective. One key element is to appeal to their business sense. Use buisness centric data and terminology to help them understand what they will be getting from their investment in design