Guest Lecture:Kris Carter, Transforming Boston’s Streets

October 01, 2019

Kris Carter delivered an interesting deep dive on how he and his team at City Hall has been able to “Transform Boston’s Streets” to the students and faculty of the graduate program in Experience Design. Kris used a few key projects that he has worked on to illustrate the capabilities and out of the box thinking that his team has been able to test and implement throughout the City of Boston. He took everyone through real world trade offs for testing and implementing different systems to solve specific problems throughout the City. He showed key data to illustrate their findings and explained a solutions that he and his have implemented or are implementing.

Interesting Takeaway

Kris talked about how the City of Boston has no control over the MBTA. But, what the City does control over are the streets that the busses drive on. They wanted to find out if having Busy-Only lanes would make a difference for the riders. His team used street cleaning days (when the side of the streets are empty) to test what effect a bus-only lane would have. Kris and his team showed that no matter the scale, there is always to get meaningful data.