Guest Lecture:Jonathan Hardy, Lighting and Urban Mobility

September 17, 2019

Jonathan Hardy delivered an exciting lecture on urban lighting to students and faculty of the graduate program in Experience Design. Jonathan discussed some of the projects he has been working on at Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) and illustrated some solutions though his group’s work in the relationship between lighting and urban mobility.

Q & A

Q: Your design works touched on many cultures, like bike, food track and etc. But these cultures have different acceptance levels in different places, how to balance design between forward-looking (or universal) and localized? 


A: We work with many people from different places, like Canada. Start to see patterns across different groups. aim at similarity or common problems across the majority of cultures or places. But as for style, color preferences vary and should be localized.

Interesting Take-Away:

New Street Curb Use: multifunction: food truck, bike kiosk etc, usage in different periods of time during a day.