Guest Lecture:Jessie Richards, Screens – Research & Guidelines

October 07, 2019

Jessie Richards gave an insightful presentation, to the faculty and students in Experience Design, on the design strategies at the MBTA. She is part of the team at the MBTA focusing on providing riders with the best possible experiences. Jessie guided us through a few different projects and the key findings of them. All of the examples built upon a hierarchy of needs for riders of the MBTA, with the absolute foundation of a good experience being reliable transport. She also explained that digital screens at the MBTA are provided by different vendors and show a mix of advertisements and MBTA information.

Q & A

Q: Are the solutions fragmented across different technologies?

A: In one T-stop there can be 4 different screens with 4 different vendors, and those all pull information from 4 different places.

Interesting Insight

Some conductors still log delays and changes with Pen & Paper. The goal is to make them to digital technology to help the systems have more accurate data, but the transition is a slow one.