Symposium 9

Dallas N. Little Honorary Symposium

Fundamental Characterization of Asphaltic Materials at Multiple Scales

This symposium commemorates Dr. Dallas N. Little’s contributions to the fundamental characterization of asphaltic materials. Dr. Little is the Regents Professor and E. B. Snead Chair Professor in the Zachry Department of Civil Engineering of the Look College of Engineering at Texas A&M University. Professor Little is also the Senior Research Fellow at the Texas Transportation Institute, and is the first researcher to have been named to that position at the Institute. He is currently the Principal Investigator for Texas A&M University’s contribution to the Asphalt Research Consortium (ARC). The ARC is funded through the Federal Highway Administration to provide fundamental research in asphalt technology that will directly improve the ability to predict and impact the performance of the nation’s asphalt pavement infrastructure. The ARC funding is $27 million over a five-year period. Professor Little has authored approximately 330 significant reports and publications and has given approximately 300 invited lectures on technical subjects.

Abstracts are sought in the area of fundamental characterization and mechanistic modeling of asphaltic materials and pavements at multiple scales. Example topics may include:

  • Experimental characterization of asphaltic materials
  • Constitutive modeling of asphaltic materials
  • Pavement response analysis under static and moving wheel loads
  • Performance modeling of asphaltic materials and pavements
  • Microstructural characterization and micromechanics of asphaltic materials
  • Modeling of compaction in the laboratory and in the field
  • Innovative pavement analysis and design
  • Long-term pavement performance prediction
  • Novel methods to aid mix design

Symposium Organizers:

Y. Richard Kim,  Professor, North Carolina State University

Eyad Masad, Professor, Texas A&M University

B. Shane Underwood, Research Scientist, North Carolina State University