Symposium 3

Identification, Estimation, Updating and Monitoring

Identification, estimation updating and monitoring (IEUM) are areas unified by the fact that they focus on the examination of existing systems and that measured signals are involved. Identification is concerned with the formulation of models from measured data; in estimation imperfect models and noisy measurements are used to infer unmeasured quantities, and in updating data are used to reduce the discrepancy between a parametric model and the item that it is trying to represent. These three areas find application in the last entry of the sequence – monitoring – where the objective is having a robust scheme to detect, as early as possible, events that may affect the performance, or safety, of the system of interest. Research in IEUM in Civil Engineering has been steadily increasing in the past two decades in response to the challenges presented by aging infrastructure and the IM symposium offers a forum for presentation of the latest research. Application oriented papers are expected to be in solid mechanics.

Symposium Organizer:

Dionisio Bernal, Professor, Northeastern University
Phone: 617-373-4417; Email: