Student Paper Competition 2

Computational Mechanics

The Computational Mechanics Committee of the Engineering Mechanics Institute is pleased to sponsor the 2nd student paper competition for Best Paper in Computational Mechanics under the auspices of EMI 2011. The Committee seeks contributions on any topic related to computational mechanics. Students who wish to have their papers considered for the competition must:

  1. Be co-authors of the paper,
  2. Submit a paper, not to exceed 5 pages (abstracts will not qualify for the competition), and
  3. Indicate that they wish their paper to be considered for the competition at the time of submittal.

The Committee will select 5 student finalists and invite them to present their papers in a special session of the EMI 2011 conference. The Committee will provide travel support of up to $300 for each of the finalists. The Committee will convene to select the best paper following the student presentations. The winner will be awarded a $500 prize at the conference banquet, and will be presented with an award certificate.  All finalists will also be recognized at the conference banquet, and will be given certificates attesting to their finalist status.

Competition Organizer:

Loukas Kallivokas, The University of Texas at Austin