Future Faculty Workshop

Future Faculty Workshop in Engineering Mechanics

A workshop to promote diversity and gender balance of prospective faculty
June 1, 2011, Northeastern University

A one-day workshop will be held one day prior to the EMI2011 conference at Northeastern campus. The workshop is to prepare researchers for a career in academia, including participating in the susequent three-day EMI2011 conference.

To be eligible for this workshop, you must:

   1. Have already submitted an abstract for the EMI2011 conference
   2. Be a senior graduate student or postdoctoral researcher interested in a faculty position.

For more information about this workshop:


To apply for participating this workshop:


Deadline for submission : February 15, 2011, midnight

Airfare, accommodations, meals and conference discount provided to invited participants

Kathryn Schulte
Phone:  (617)-373-4259
Fax:  (617)-373-7696
Email:  k.schulte@neu.edu