About Us

Organizational Purpose

The mission of this organization is to support undergraduate applied sciences and engineering research at Northeastern University. This is accomplished by promoting engagement of the undergraduate community in academic research within the university. The development of technical writing capabilities of this community will be supported by providing opportunities for academic and professional engagement. This organization will further establish a professional network of undergraduate, graduate and faculty researchers in order to foster interdisciplinary collaboration.

Publication Purpose

The mission of the journal is to recognize and promote undergraduate research in the applied sciences and engineering within the university. Such a medium will foster collaboration between diverse fields in pursuit of exploring cross-disciplinary problem solutions. Published work within the journal will serve as a positive example to peers considering undergraduate research, inspiring proactive pursuit of opportunities within the college for faculty-led or student-conceived research. It will serve as a platform for Northeastern University students to present their work for both internal and public review, attesting to the quality of research being conducted by Northeastern undergraduates.