Research Speaker Series Event 1 – Professor Moneesh Upmanyu

Thanks to Professor Upmanyu for sharing his research and how he approaches problems!

The following are some tips he shared with us:

Undergraduate research?

Did do research as an undergraduate – did feel overwhelmed, but ultimately it is very useful.

Research Advice:

Choose project that make you curious so that you are passionate about it – its about you, it’s about satisfying your own curiosity. Simplify it as much as possible!


Grab attention early- not verbose but GRABS attention – abstract/introduction.

Be goal oriented Work towards conclusion

Write one sentence that is the conclusion – take the audience from point a to point b.

He writes the end of his paragraphs first.

Use figures as a skeleton to form and refine the conclusion

Being myopic is a bad idea-respect the reader

Be prepared to adapt as you are writing – there will be holes that you will need to fill – or things that you will change, so be prepared and don’t be lazy and not change the flavor as you go along.

There are undergraduate opportunities, we will gather and pass along!

Research Advice:

Knowledge assimilation – understand, creation-learn new stuff and dissemination ability to relay this information well to others

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