The Storyboard Preamble

The Millennials’ legendary 8-second attention span is not a defect. It’s an adaptation.

The world of online news has little resemblance to the 24-hour television cycle that birthed it; it’s more akin to a blur of news outlets, perspectives, and topics, each competing for users’ attention. Thousands of hours of articles, videos, podcasts, and editorials now try to cram into our news feeds and News Feeds, but our days are just as short as they ever were.

To cope, we the content consumers have tried to stay informed by absorbing a surface-level knowledge of as much material as possible. And between the economic turmoil, the political breakdowns, the philosophical quagmires, and lip-sync battles, someone decided that it was impossible to both be informed of many things and well-informed.

Readers need a digestible source of concise, relevant news that conveys the nuance of a world increasing in complexity; a place that gives them the means to dissect and convey nuanced narratives, without spending their lifetimes plugged in.

Readers, this is your storyboard.

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