Boston Symposium on Economics


The Boston Symposium on Economics is an annual, student-run public panel event hosted by the Northeastern University Economics Society. The event brings a wide variety of experts from academic, business, nonprofit, and policymaking realms to Northeastern for a discussion of critical economic issues. The event is open to all students and is a great way to get engaged with major topics affecting our world today.


Each year, multiple distinguished speakers from an array of backgrounds come to Northeastern University’s Boston campus to present their perspectives on an issue within the field of economics. Speakers spend 10 to 15 minutes delivering a prepared presentation, and then take a few minutes to answer questions from students and faculty in the Northeastern community.

The next Boston Symposium on Economics will be held in Fall of 2024. Follow us on Instagram for more information on next year’s event!

Past Speakers and Recordings

Ari Bronsoler
Behavioral Economist at Google

Diego Comin
Professor of Economics at Dartmouth College and Research Fellow at the Center for Economic Policy Research

Gad Levanon
Chief Economist at The Burning Glass Institute

M.J. Ryan
Sr. Director, Workforce Development & Economic Opportunity

Dani Rodrik
Ford Foundation Professor of International Economy at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government

Bill Cheney
Chief Economist at Manulife Financial

Noam Chomsky
Professor of Linguistics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Activist, Writer

Rachel Minard
Founder & CEO of Minard Capital LLC

Jonathan Morduch
Professor of Public Policy and Economics at New York University

Edwin “Ted” Truman
Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs