Data Intro

R and Python

Below are instructions to get started with R and/or Python.  If you do not have the language installed, you can do so by following the links below and then installing the version for your operating system.  If you are not sure if you have them installed or not, you can open up the Terminal (for Mac or Linux) or Command Prompt (for Windows).  For R, run: R –version.  For Python, run: python –version.


Install R:

Install RStudio:


Install Python (choose most recent, probably 3.7.0 or something):

Install Atom (or text editor of your choice):

Homebrew (for Mac):

Jupyter Notebooks:

Install Pip (

Install Jupyter:

  • in terminal, run “pip3 install jupyter”

Data Source:

Configuring Atom:

This guide provides a good tutorial on installing Hydrogen and Jupyter Kernels for Atom:

Jupyter kernels allow in-line running and Hydrogen allows for compatibility with Atom.  I had trouble getting kernels working in Atom for R, so I would recommend just starting with Python.


There are many dialects of SQL.   The links below will help you get started with PostgreSQL.  SQL is a little more of a pain to get set up as you have to do a little bit of system admin work.  The following guides should hopefully make it easy on Mac, though.

Install Homebrew:

Install Postgres:

10/29/18 Tutorial Source Code: