Research papers published in the journal:

  • Present novel perspectives on the pool of existing economic knowledge
  • Add to our palette of understanding the world through an economic lens
  • May reinforce concepts but are not afraid of challenging them
  • Contain well-developed and well-structured analysis supported by research

General Outline


  • In accordance with the analysis presented

Abstract and/or Introduction

  • Provides a gateway to the arguments that are to be presented
  • Evokes curiosity and interest in the readers


  • Well-developed analysis that includes graphs and/or visuals to enhance the reader’s understanding of the arguments presented
  • Arguments are consistent and convincing
  • There is sufficient description of the data used
  • Sources used reflect that the paper is well-researched
  • Variables are clearly defined
  • There is a clear connection between the econometric model and the economic theory


  • Summarizes the key arguments as a way of bringing closure to the analysis
  • Conclusions obtained are clear and consistent with the arguments and research presented


  • Typically in Chicago Author Date Style for Econometrics Papers (Though ECONPress does not mandate a single citation style, the style chosen should be appropriate for the genre of writing)
  • Citations are formatted correctly in the style used and contain reputable, unbiased sources