Our First Performance of the Year!

This school year has been off to a great start with our five new Babybeats, Julia Kempner, Julie Dobkins, Ryo Tsuda, Emily Christensen, and Tana Domingos! On Wednesday, October 4th, we performed at our very FIRST event of the year! Check out Northeastern University’s Kissing Away Cancer and sign up for Relay for Life if you go to NEU to support a great cause.

We performed two mash-ups. We hope you enjoy what you hear!

Song: Touch (opb. Little Mix)/Slide (opb. Calvin Harris ft. Frank Ocean)
Soloists: Josephine Pettigrew, Leo Poggie
Arrangement: Charles Zheng

Song: For Your Love (opb. Yardbirds)/Are You Gonna Be My Girl (opb. Jet)
Soloists: Ryo Tsuda, Nate Harms
Arrangement: Nate Harms

ICCA 2017

Wow. We cannot believe the ICCA is over.

This year we competed in Varsity Vocal’s International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA).  We were extremely happy, excited, shocked, and proud to place 2nd and receive awards for Outstanding Arrangement and Outstanding Choreography at our Northeast Quarterfinal. With that, we were given the opportunity to perform at Boston Symphony Hall (wowZas) for our Semifinal amongst many other talented groups, including our neighbor’s, NU Distilled Harmony and NU Nor’easters.  It was a surreal experience – one filled with  hours and hours of hard work, intense rehearsals, laughter, cute outfits, suspenders, white, gold, and glittery nail polish,  jaw-dropping surprises, and dance parties. Ultimately, it was an experience that brought us all closer as a family. From December 2016 to March 2017, we pulled together our talents and commitment and created a set we were so proud to perform.

We want to give a special shout-out to our arrangers, Charles Zheng and Nate Harms. These arrangements are masterpieces that took many many hours to create and perfect, and we would not be able to be where we are without  your guidance. We also want to thank our Choreography team, whom consists basically half the group – you know who you are. Thank you for putting imagery to the story our songs tell. You guys rock. Finally, we’d like to thank our fans, friends, and family! Your support and cheers keep us strong.

We hope you enjoy watching our Semifinal performance, and ignore the shakiness!!

Introducing…Ignite! (it’s lit)

Breaking News: We’ve officially released an EP!

What a long journey this has been for us. For the past year, we have been hard at work making this dream a reality, from fundraising $6,000 via Kickstarter, to recording six amazing songs, to mixing, editing, and mastering these tracks, and today we are completing the final step in the process – releasing our work to the public. Last year, the idea of releasing our own EP seemed like wishful thinking… now that it’s a reality we could not be more excited!

This album features some amazing soloists and our very own ICCA award-winning arrangements! As this is our third album overall and first album in six years, we decided to give it the title, “Ignite.” To us, Ignite represents a magnificent flame within us, symbolizing our passion for music, excitement for the new season, and love for each other. We hold this album very close to our hearts and hope that you, too, will feel ignited while listening. Y’all, it’s about to get #LIT.

We especially want to thank Liquid 5th for the beautiful work they did producing our EP, as well as our amazing supporters for funding our campaign, and we hope you enjoy!

Ignite – The Downbeats

Join Our Singing Family!

The only thing The Downbeats love more than singing is each other and we’d love for you to join our little family!
If you’re new to campus or an old husky looking for a new adventure and you enjoy singing or have crazy beatboxing skills then look no further than this fun-loving co-ed a cappella group (whew that was a long sentence)

Fall Auditions will be held the weekend of September 10-11, in Ryder Hall.

Here’s how the whole thing works:
Anyone and everyone is welcome to come out and sing. You’ll need to prepare a 1 minute solo that will be done a cappella of any song that shows off your voice (a verse and a chorus usually works)!
After your solo you’ll be asked to sing a few scales within your range, do some simple sight reading, and complete a few pitch matching exercises.

If you’d like to sign up to audition, please click the following link and fill in all the required fields. Walk-ins are always welcome as well!

Register for an audition here!

Please forward any questions you have to nudownbeats@gmail.com or message us on facebook!
We look forward to hearing you sing! 🙂

A Finished Year

It’s just another day in the super exiting lives of The Downbeats. We’ve finished recording our EP entirely and it’s now in the process of being edited! We truly cannot wait for our friends, family, and fans to hear the result of all of the hard work and dedication that was put into making this happen! We also can’t stress enough how thankful we are for everyone who donated to us and made it possible to fulfill a dream we all as musicians have shared. Our first single will be out in the summertime and the entire EP will be available for download come Fall.

We ended the semester and year strong with a joint spring concert with our friends and fellow Northeastern group, Distilled Harmony. Our set that we worked all semester on will be up on youtube for the public soon enough and you’ll be able to find it here on our website as well as on our facebook page.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the past school year, we can’t wait to come back strong in the Fall and show the a cappella community what The Downbeats are made of 🙂