Distilled Harmony is one of the many collegiate a cappella groups in the Boston area, and one of three all-gender a cappella groups at Northeastern. We take pride in the music we create and always strive to be our best. In addition to hosting shows on campus and singing with other groups in the area, we often participate in various competitions such as the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA). Additionally, we have recorded two studio albums as well as an EP. We like to be competitive and take our music seriously, but we never lose sight of having fun!

Outside of rehearsal, we spend way too much time hanging out with each other; most of us found our best friends at college in this group. We also make an effort to go on retreat every semester.

At the end of the day, we’re just a group of close friends who want to share their passion for music with the rest of the community.

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Fall 2021 Auditions


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Greg Myren

Baritone – President
Class of ’22
a.k.a. Geg
Greg’s voice is SURE to melt into your soul like butter on a pan for a pancake bananza. His willingness to help and his joyful attitude always make rehearsals so fun!

“It do be like that”

Sam Prosperi

Soprano – Music Director
Class of ’23
a.k.a. Antha
Though she may have a shark tattoo, this girl certainly does not bite. Her kindness and dedication can only be matched by her raw belting prowess.


Daniel Dantowitz

Baritone – Assistant Music Director
Class of ’24
Also a newbie to the group, Daniel impressed us with his extensive knowledge of music and his music arrangement skills!

Raghav Nathan

Vocal Percussionist – Treasurer
Class of ’23

Raghav joined us virtually during the pandemic but wowed us with his amazing beats. His impeccable sense of style is one for the books.

Breanna McClarey

Alto – PR Manager
Class of ’22
a.k.a. Bringus
One of DH’s hardest workers, Bre is sure to brighten your day with her light-hearted spirit and glowing smile. Hopefully its not fake from the years of husky ambassadors…


Evan Penn

Tenor – PR Manager
Class of ’23
a.k.a. Ivan
How to describe Evan? Small, warm, and excited. As DH’s personal human pretzel, Evan can usually be found watching German shows while eating an uncrustable at 3 am.

“Omg so exciting”

Karizma Kishnani

Class of Fall ’21
a.k.a. Krim
Don’t let her height deceive you, DH’s smallest member packs a huge punch. This power champion will take your breath away with her runs and riffs!

“What to heck”

Steve Dresel

Class of Fall ’21
a.k.a. Dmm
Steve joined the group in the fall of 2017 and has been an integral member since. When we’re not abusing his perfect pitch, Steve’s usually found in the gym at 3am.

“Give me your meal swipes”

Ryan Drew

Class of Fall ’21
a.k.a. Art
Art is the living definition of dedication, making him an integral addition to the DH family. Even when he’s not at rehearsal, you can always expect music to be on his mind.

*raises hand*

Deanna Pahl

Class of ’22
a.k.a. Man
Deanna’s sultry low voice and runs are sure to make your jaw drop! That is, of course, assuming your jaw hasn’t already dropped due to her amazing sense of style

“Wash your hands!”

Will Fassler

Class of ’23
a.k.a. Squill
This baby boy is sure to win you over with his guitar. When he’s not crying to Lorde, you can catch Will… crying to Phoebe Bridgers.


Neha Prasad

Class of ’24

As DH newbie, Neha won our hearts with her sweet personality and her equally sweet singing voice.

Eli Thomas

Class of ’24
Eli is another one of our newbies and is our tallest member, standing somewhere above 6’5″. His expressive singing style and his impressive upper range makes him an important part in our group!

Benjamin Lee

Class of ’24
A newbie to the gruop, Ben wooed us with his sultry bass voice, and we’re sure he’ll do the same to you!

Sumedha Rajesh

Class of ’23
Sumedha is also a newbie to DH but impressed us with her wide range of vocal styles, her range, and her passion for singing!

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