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Originally founded in a residence hall basement in 2003, Distilled Harmony has grown into one of Northeastern's most recognized a cappella groups. Despite such humble beginnings, Distilled Harmony has made a name for themselves with award-winning performances at competitions like the famed International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA). The music they perform, which ranges anywhere from mainstream pop to indie rock, reflects the group’s members, who come from many different backgrounds and academic disciplines to create music together as a unified a cappella force. Distilled Harmony strives to have fun and entertain audiences with their novel take on collegiate a cappella.
Some of our most notable accomplishments in recent years include:

• 1st Runner-Up at 2018 ICCA Quarterfinal at MIT

• Outstanding Solo award for Caroline Lucas at 2018 ICCA Quarterfinal at MIT

• Outstanding Choreography award for Morgan Headden, Caroline Lucas, and Joby Mathew for the entire set at 2018 ICCA Quarterfinal at MIT

• Outstanding Vocal Percussion award for Sean Costello for the entire set at 2018 ICCA Quarterfinal at MIT

• 1st Place at 2017 ICCA Quarterfinal at Tufts University

• Featured in Voices Only 2016 Vol 2 album with “Say You Love Me"

• Best Mixed Collegiate Song in 2016 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award (CARA) for “Nothing Feels Like You”

• Featured in Best of College A Cappella (BOCA) 2016 album with “Nothing Feels Like You”

• 1st Runner-Up in 2016 ICCA Wild Card Round

• Outstanding Choreography Award for Matt Kimball and Dharani Rao for the entire set at 2016 ICCA Northeast Semifinal at Boston Symphony Hall

• 1st Runner-Up at 2016 ICCA Northeast Semifinal at Boston Symphony Hall

• Outstanding Soloist Award for Dharani Rao for “Say Love” at 2016 ICCA Quarterfinal at MIT

• 1st Runner-Up at 2016 ICCA Quarterfinal at MIT

• Outstanding Soloist Award for Dharani Rao for “Break Free” at 2015 ICCA Northeast Semifinal at Boston Symphony Hall

• Outstanding Arrangement Award for Elijah Botkin for the entire set at 2015 ICCA Quarterfinal at Boston University

• 1st Place at 2015 ICCA Quarterfinal at Boston University

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Hover or tap over our pictures to learn more about us!

Mikaela Amundson

PR Manager
a.k.a. Michael A.
Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe she’s one of DH’s most fashionable members. She’s found serving looks on campus or singing some classic Sonny and Cher (both parts, she’s versatile like that).

“Way to go, team!”

Alejandro Clark

Assistant Music Director
a.k.a. Jandro
As the group’s oldest member and #YoloMasta, Jandro holds the high score for lowest notes in DH. His favorite foods are Kit Kats and Zebra Cakes.


Sean Costello

Vocal Percussion
a.k.a. Buzzy
It’s hard to miss DH’s tallest member (6’4″!!!); Sean is the master of sick beatz and will get every single reference you can throw at him.

“that’s a bop”

Stephen Dresel

Assistant Music Director
a.k.a. Steve Flat
Though he’s not DH’s youngest member, he certainly is its Baby Boy♡. When we’re not abusing his perfect pitch, Steve’s usually found in the gym at 3am.

“I’m gonna go do a front flip off that”

Ryan Drew

a.k.a. Art
Art is the living definition of dedication, making him an integral addition to the DH family. Even when he’s not at rehearsal, you can always expect music to be on his mind.

*raises hand*

Peter Duncan

a.k.a. Petel
Look, just because this little rascal’s never heard of most vegetables before doesn’t mean he isn’t willing to learn. Nobody can top Pete’s passion & perseverance.

“You’re a snake”

Jessica Dunn

Mezzo Soprano
PR Manager
a.k.a. Jess Dunn
This glowing Goddess of a woman is loved (and feared) by all. It is considered a high honor to be in her presence, so if she’s ever singing, do yourself a favor & listen!


Morgan Headden

a.k.a. Morgo
In many ways, Morgo is like the mitochondria of the cell that is DH. She’s a powerhouse & a force to be reckoned with, plus she’s constantly performing cellular respiration.

“When’s practice?”

Karizma Kishnani

a.k.a. Karry
Don’t let her height deceive you, DH’s smallest member packs a huge punch. This power champion will make your jaw drop with her runs and riffs!

“…no one calls me Karry”

Caroline Lucas

a.k.a. Carol
Carol loves dogs. Like, have you ever seen dogs before? Carol is good at dogs & singing. You’ll want to stay on her good side though, or else she might hex you.


Joby Mathew

a.k.a. Bojy
Bojy’s the hardest worker we know and is perpetually set to an 11! That being said, this dude was born to sing you to sleep with his sultry R&B voice.


Dharani Rao

a.k.a. Darren
This Gnarly Charlie can hit notes so high, upper-range warm ups are often followed up by a summoning of all dogs within a 15 mile radius.

“Keep music in schools!”

Annie Schindel

Mezzo Soprano
a.k.a. Andy Schindle
Is that famous SoundCloud singer/​songwriter Annie Schindel?? Why yes, yes it is. Her gorgeous tunes will tug on your heartstrings.


Ben Silvers

Music Director
a.k.a. Bean
He’s DH’s lil Bean, but don’t let his size fool you! Though he may be smoll™, this guy will blow you away with his massive musical talent!


Past Members



Send us an email to contact us for events, information, or just to say hi!