Adam Ding

Associate Professor


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439 Lake

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A dot ding (at) neu edu

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Northeastern University
Department of Mathematics
360 Huntington Avenue,
Boston, MA 02115, USA


PhD received from Cornell University


Area of Interest

My research focuses on development and application of statistical methodology to solve problems in various scientific fields. My research activities up to today can be separated mostly into following categories.

1. Statistical with engineering appliations:

         Artificial Neural Networks

         High-dimensional Empirical Linear Prediction (HELP)

      Side Channel Attacks on Cryptosystems

2. Biostatistics:

        Statistical analysis of clinical trial data using HIV dynamic model.

       Survival analysis

         Analysis of genetic micro-array data

Papers and Publications

List of papers and publications

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Teaching (Spring 2011):

MATH 7343 Applied statistics
MATH 3081 Probability and Statistics
Departmental Virtual Lab in Probability and Statistics

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