I am the CTO of Kostas Research Institute and a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, where I previously served as the first Associate Chair for Research.

I direct the Cognitive Systems Laboratory,  which is (a) a member of the Center for SPIRAL — a nexus of signal and image analytics and machine learning, (b) a member of the self-organized PEN (Psychologists, Engineers, Neuroscientists) Cluster at Northeastern — a nexus of experimental and modeling driven studies of brain and peripheral nervous system and their interactions with the body, (c) a member of the inter-institutional CAMBI — a nexus of assistive technology research and development including brain interfaces, and (d) a member of the inter-institutional i-ROP Consortium — a nexus of research and development of retinopathy of prematurity assessment and treatment monitoring technologies. I am also a core faculty member at Northeastern’s Institute for Experiential Robotics and Institute for Experiential Artificial Intelligence.

I am a co-founder of Eatron Technologies, a company that focuses on software for electrical and autonomous vehicles. I am a co-founder of ParetoFront, a parent company that aims to commercialize our computational health, wellbeing, and assistive technology research outcomes at NU. I have been providing signal/image/data analytics and machine learning expertise to several companies as a consultant.

Other pages: Google Scholar, LinkedIn, ResearchGate

I am fascinated by the fact that we can invent and use mathematics to develop useful models, and greatly enjoy constructing and using these models to solve problems of practical importance.

Research Interests
      Signal and Image Analysis, Machine Learning, Information Fusion and Inference in multiple application domains
      Brain and Body Interfaces for Computers, Robots, Systems including Human-in-the-loop Cyber-Physical System

Spelling of my name in Turkish (click on it to hear me pronounce it): Deniz Erdoğmuş