Dismantling the Cradle-to-Prison Pipeline

The cradle-to-prison pipeline refers to the web of systems that, from birth and even earlier, channels youth — disproportionately low-income youth of color — into future incarceration.  Northeastern University’s Cradle-to-Prison Pipeline Project is an interdisciplinary research initiative identifying and supporting promising interventions to dismantle this pipeline.  The initiative convenes researchers from Northeastern University School of Law; College of Arts, Media and Design; and College of Social Sciences and Humanities together with non-profit organizations, returned citizens, legal practitioners and other experts.  By breaking down disciplinary silos, holistically analyzing pipeline contributors, and validating proposed interventions to dismantle them, the project creates resources for advocates and policymakers to change the laws, policies and practices that consign youth to future incarceration.  Learn more at the project website, www.cradle2prison.info. Please email cpiac@northeastern.edu if you would like to get involved.


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