Through education, research, and collaboration, CPIAC strengthens the efficacy of public interest legal training and practice as vehicles to redress systemic harms and empower communities. CPIAC partners with academic, professional, and grassroots advocates, leveraging innovative and interdisciplinary solutions to dismantle structural racism and oppression, promote self-determination, and advance research in service of communities working for social justice.


Student Advisory Board

CPIAC’s Student Advisory Board plays a key role in ensuring CPIAC continues to provide meaningful opportunities for student involvement that align with students’ educational goals and social justice passions.  The Student Advisory Board is open to any NUSL student interested in contributing their ideas and insights to uphold and strengthen NUSL’s vibrant public interest culture.  Current CPIAC Student Advisory Board members are Maya Brown ’22, Gabriella Capocelli ’22, Robert Mogollon ’23, Bianca Pickering ’22, Jennifer Reale ’23, and Shayna Scott ’22.  To learn more or get involved, contact Shannon Al-Wakeel at s.al-wakeel@northeastern.edu.

Core Faculty

Social justice values permeate the NUSL curriculum, including in areas of law not traditionally associated with “public interest” practice.  NUSL faculty regularly center — in both their teaching and scholarship — critical perspectives on the law’s role in upholding and dismantling injustice.

Beyond the law school, CPIAC also engages, through our research projects, with faculty at the College of Arts, Media and Design; College of Social Sciences and Humanities, Khoury College of Computer Sciences; and other Northeastern initiatives, providing NUSL students with further opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration.

Core Faculty

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