Through teaching, practice, research, and networking, CPIAC seeks to enhance the role of law and legal practice in achieving social, economic, and environmental justice in all dimensions. Searching for innovative and holistic solutions to contemporary social justice challenges, we work across disciplines; we engage with academic, professional, advocacy, and grass-roots communities; we integrate new technology creatively and intentionally in our work; and we develop approaches to legal education geared toward this mission.

Core Values

  •  Upholding democratic values and working as a catalyst for systemic transformation on behalf of and in collaboration with vulnerable populations and communities that promotes the realization of social justice.
  •  Promoting action-oriented research and public-policy initiatives, strategic collaborations, and experiential, cross-disciplinary learning.

Institutional Goals

  •  To assure that NUSL remains the best-known and highest-ranked public interest law school in the country.
  •  To be the premier law school-based, interdisciplinary public interest law center, which will be a leader in producing impact scholarship and influencing policy.
  •  To implement and maintain the premier applicant-to-practice public interest pathway by recruiting and training the next generation of social justice lawyers and facilitating their entry into fulfilling public interest careers.


Student Advisory Board

CPIAC Student Advisory Board: Jasmine Brown ’21, Oriana Farnham ’21, Liora Klepper ’21, Evan Ma ’21, Alysia Madan ’21, Hannah Morgan ’21,  Hannah Taylor ’21

Core Faculty

Core Faculty

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