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Current Lab Members

Nina Philipczak, Ph.D.  
Nina earned her M.S. and Ph.D. from University of Wroclaw, Poland (2017). Since April 2018 she is working in Torchilin’s Lab on the project entitled hypoxia-sensitive polymeric co-delivery systems for siRNA and doxorubicin to overcome multidrug resistance effect

Office: 140 TF , Room 225, Phone: 617-373-3531


daniel_2_cpbn Daniel Ferriera Costa, Ph.D.  
Daniel earned a B.S. in Pharmacy from Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (2013).  After pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Systems (NEU) he works at CPBN. His research focuses on developing multifunctional micellar systems for delivery of antitumor drugs.Currently works in Brazil
Livia Palmerston Mendes, Ph.D., 09/2013-02/2020. PhD student and  Post Doctoral Associate.
Livia graduated from Federal University of Goiás, Brazil, with a B.S. in Pharmacy (2010) and M.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Sciences (2012). She earned her Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Systems from Northeastern University (2018). , she is involved in different projects at CPBN mostly related to the development of lipid- and polymer-based nanoparticles as drug delivery systems for different cargoes, including small molecules and oligonucleotides for cancer and antibiotic therapy.
Currently she works in Germany.
Can Sarisozen , Ph.D., Post Doctoral Associate 4/2013-3/2018.From March 2018 he is Scientist, Formulation and Drug Delivery Sciences at Omega Therapeutics Cambrige, MA.
Can (John) earned his M.S. and Ph.D. from Hacettepe University, Turkey (2012). In Torchilin’s Lab he worked on several projects including hypoxia-sensitive polymeric siRNA delivery systems for effective therapeutic protein silencing and development of 3-D cancer cell culture models as a toll to evaluate different siRNA and anticancer drug delivery systems.
Giusi Salzano
Giuseppina Salzano, Ph.D. 1/2009 – 08/2014, From September 2015, Marie Curie Experienced Researcher at Institut des Sciences Moléculaires d’Orsay, France. Her research focuses mainly on the design of self-assembly nanoparticles for the simultaneous delivery of siRNA and chemotherapeutic agents for cancer treatment.
Tao Wang Tao Wang, Ph.D. 05/2012-08/2015, From September 2015, Formulation Development and Drug Delivery Scientist at Insmed Incorporated, NJ. Her research interests are in the development of novel strategies to improve the therapeutic index of chemotherapy for treatment of cancer (including breast and pancreatic cancer) by the combination of phage display technology to obtain new cancer targeting ligands with nanoparticle-based formulations for tumor targeting of neoplastic agents.
 Gemma Navarro 1 Gemma Navarro, Ph.D.  11/2009 – 12/2014, From January 2015,  Formulation Scientist at Silence Therapeutics plc, Berlin-Buch, Germany. Scientist with experience in formulation and pre-clinical evaluation of nano-scaled liposomal, micellar and polymeric delivery systems loaded with poor-soluble drugs and biomolecules (siRNA, pDNA) and functionalization of such platforms for specific-site delivery.
 Rupa sawant Rupa Sawant, Ph.D. 08/2009-03/2014From November 2014, Scientist I at Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Boston. Specialties in the Nanotechnology; lipid-based targeted nanocarriers; oral solid dosage forms; formulation of small molecules, proteins, peptides and siRNA; preclinical development studies.
  Swati Biswas, PhD03/2009-06/2013
From 2013, Assistant Professor at Birla Institute of Technology and SciencesPilani, Hyderabad Campus, India. Experience with:  Development of polymeric nanoparticular drug delivery system encapsulating poorly soluble drugs/development of targeted formulation for specific delivery to the site of interests, Bioconjugation to produce multifunctional nanocarrier, in vitro/in vivo determination of efficacy of the drug delivery system, release kinetics, biodistribution.
 Alex Koshkarev 03 Aleksandr Koshkaryev, Ph.D02/2009-01/2013
From February 2013, Scientist at Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, Greater Boston. Highly qualified and technically-proficient Research Scientist with PhD in chemical technology (nano-materials), second PhD in medical biochemistry and MSc in cell biology.
 Perche01 Federico Perche, Ph.D.
Scientist, Department of Materials Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo, Japan    
 Piroyan01 Aleksandr Piroyan, Ph.D.  2009-2012
From July 2014, Principal Scientist at Nemucore Medical Innovations, Greater Boston, MA
 Lin Zhu Lin Zhu, Ph.D08/2010-09/2013
From 2013, Assistant Professor at Texas A&M Health Science Center, Kingsville, Texas. Pharmaceutical scientist with solid scientific knowledge and extensive experience in formulation and drug delivery system design, analytical method development, and in vitro and in vivo validation.
 Meerovich Final Igor Meerovich, Ph.D2009-2011
From 2011, Postdoctoral Research Associate at Texas A&M University, College Station TX. Development and biophysical studies on cell and liposomal models of a new approach to photodynamic therapy and photochemical internalization of macromolecules based on special peptide conjugates.
 Pappagianarro Aristarchos Papagiannaros, Ph.D01/2007-10/2009
From 2013, Scientist at DEMO Pharmaceuticals S.A., Athens, Greece. Multidisciplinary training in nanotechnology, in cancer chemotherapy and in imaging. Areas of expertise include liposomes, micelles, quantum dots, spions, dendrimers, metal nanoparticles and polymerized nanosystems.
 Young Tag Ko 03 Young Tag Ko, Ph.D.
 Igor Skidan 03 Igor N. Skidan, Ph.D09/2011-01/2013
From February 2013, Director of Preclinical Development at Pharmapt, Inc., Chelsea, MA.  Pharmacology-trained scientist with experience in the research of small molecules, therapeutic antibodies, and drug delivery devices.
 Ticiana Tiziana Musacchio, Ph.D01/2008-06/2011
From July 2011, EAME Regional Scientific Services Manager, ITALY-Medical Affairs, Neurosciences & Urology at Allergan, Italy. Highly active and goal-oriented professional with strong analytical and project management skills with clear focus on delivery within timelines.
 Kale02 Amit Kale, Ph.D. 05/2005-12/2007
From 2012, Sr. Scientist CMC/Product development at Synta Pharmaceuticals, Lexington, MA.  Scientist with extensive experience in early and late stage product development & manufacturing science, with expertise in conceptualization of conventional and novel drug delivery systems for optimal delivery of actives aligning the quality target product profile and in overall pharmaceutical development from the discovery phase through phase III.
 Micaela Toniutti01 Micaela Toniutti, Ph.D.  02/2007-08/2008
From October 2010, Post-Doctoral Research Associate at the University of Florida, Gainesville, FL. Specialties: Organic and organometallic chemistry; Synthesis and characterization of nanoparticles; Bioconjugation; Synthesis and characterization of Late Transition Metal Complexes, mainly Ru(II) catalysts for Hydrogen Transfer Reduction; Biosynthesis of B-lactam antibiotics and polypeptidic intermediates; NMR techniques; Cell cultures.
 Erez Koren Erez Koren, Ph.D09/2009-10/2011
From August 2014, Senior Scientist at  Teva Pharmaceuticals, Israel. Experienced pharmaceutical scientist with strong background in cell biology, cancer and drug delivery systems. Specialties: Drug delivery, Polymeric nanocarriers, Drug targeting and immuno-carriers, Liposomes, Micelles, Bioconjugate chemistry.
 DSouza04 Gerard D’Souza, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Pharmaceutics,  Assistant Director of Assessment,  MCPHS University, Boston, MA. Specialties: Pharmaceutical Nanocarriers, Subcellular Targeting, Gene Therapy, Mitochondrial DNA Diseases.
 Shing Ming Cheng01 Shing Ming Cheng, Ph.D
 Li Mu03 Li Mu, Ph.D.
Currently, Scientist in the Division of Toxicology, Office of Applied Research and Safety Assessment in the US Food and Drug Administration. Solid scientific knowledge and extensive hands-on experience in the field of nanotechnology and pharmaceutical science in both industry and academia. Interest: Preparation and characterization of various nanoparticulate drug delivery systems (liposomes, micelles); Toxicity of various nanoparticles; Penetration of active agents and nanoparticles into skin and model bio-membrane; Interpretation or operation of bioanalytical instruments and facilities.
 Daya Verma Daya Verma, Ph.D2003-2005
From April 2013, Fellow at Novartis, New Jersey. Big experience in Pharmaceutical Technology and in industry. Expertise: Leading the project from early to late phase development including validation and launch; Development and manufacturing of highly potent compounds. Experience: Development, optimization and scale-up of manufacturing processes; Development of special delivery system; Melt -extrusion technology for amorphous formulations and high drug load crystalline formulations.
 Adrian Chrastina Adrian Chrastina, Ph.D.
Research Scientist, Proteogenomics Research Institute for Systems Medicine, San Diego, CA. Adrian is focused on synthesis, radiolabeling and functional characterization of metallic, lipid and polymer based nanoparticles for imaging and drug delivery applications. Expertise: in vivo CT-SPECT imaging, surface chemistry/bioconjugations, perfusion of isolated tissues (heart, lung), intratumoral hypoxia, pharmacokinetic analysis and photodynamic therapy.
 Aruna Robi01 Aruna Robi, Ph.D.
 Suna Erdogan01 Suna Erdogan, Ph.D05/2004-05/2006
From December 2008, Assoc. Professor at Hacettepe University, Ankara,Turkey.
 James Hurley03 James Hurley, Ph.D07/2003-10/2005
From 2014, Scientist-Engineer-Researcher, MA with PhD in pharmaceutical sciences and broad medical device experience in cutting-edge R&D projects. Areas of interest: Biomaterials; Hydrogels; Biosensors; Drug delivery; Diabetes; Transdermal; CGM; Artificial pancreas; PEG; Biodegradable micelles; Process optimization; Bioconjugate chemistry; Membranes; Catheters; Formulation; Synthetic chemistry, International experience; Oncology.
 Wei Liang 01 Wei Liang, Ph.D., Prof. 2001-2003
Currently, Professor in Pharmaceutical Science and Biophysics, Principal Investigator at IBP Division-Institute of Biophysics Key Laboratory of Protein and Peptide Drugs, China.
 Junping Wang01 Junping Wang, Ph.D.
 Zhonggao Gao02 Zhong-gao Gao , Ph.D.
Research Professor at Department of Bioengineering, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT. Research area: Preparation and evaluation of pH sensitive carrier combined with ultrasound for drug delivery into biological tissue, treatment of cancer tumors in animals using chemotherapeutic drugs, carried by specially designed pH sensitive carriers.
 Natalya Volodina Natalia Volodina, Ph.D.
From 2013, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Innovative Language Center LLC, Saint Petersburg, Russia, and from 2011, Associate Professor at Saint Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical Academy, Russia. Experienced biotech professional in the area of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and professor of Biology and Biotechnology.
 Ram Rammohan Ram Rammohan, Ph.D.
Currently, Principal at SNMV College of Arts & Science,  Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Dr. Rammohan has over 22 years of teaching and research experience, including 4 years industrial experience.  His research areas include design & development of liposomes / microspheres for tissue targeting and imaging, and drug delivery to tumors and tissues.
 Anatoly Lukyanov Anatoly Lukyanov, Ph.D.
Currently, Scientific Staff at MicroPlumbers Microsciences LLC , Seattle.  Experience: Surface modification of microparticles and microfluidic channels, analytical (bio)chemistry, microbiology and testing microfluidic devices. Skills: Development of numerous isolation methods and identification procedures for microorganisms, blood cells and macromolecules.