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Current Lab Members

Satya Siva Kishan Yalamarty
Kishan has earned his B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences at Manipal University in India and later graduated with his M.S. in chemistry from Cleveland State University, Cleveland Ohio. After working in the pharmaceutical industry for little over 4 years he joined Dr. Torchilin’s lab as a PhD student. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Pharmaceutics and Drug delivery systems with a focus on the co-delivery of siRNA and chemotherapeutic drug using a micellar system to overcome multidrug resistance.
 Radhika Narayanaswamy01 Radhika Narayanaswamy
Radhika holds Masters in Biotechnology from India as well as Northeastern University,  and a certification in Nanobiotechnology from Harvard University Extension school, MA. In addition, she has earned a Master of Fine Arts in classical dance from India. She is working on targeted drug delivery systems for cancer therapy.


 pan_3_cpbn Jaiyi Pan

Jiayi received a B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from East China University of Science and Technology and a M.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Northeastern University. He is now pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Systems, focusing on co-delivery systems for siRNA and anti-cancer drug in overcoming multidrug resistance effect.

 Livia  Mendes Livia Palmerston Mendes
Livia graduated from Federal University of Goiás, Brazil, with a B.S. in Pharmacy (2010) and M.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Sciences (2012). She is a Ph.D. student in Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Systems and works with tumor-environmental sensitive nanocarriers for siRNA and anti-cancer drug delivery to drug-resistant cancer cells. Livia is a recipient of the Science without Borders Scholarship, a Brazilian government program funded by CAPES.
 daniel_2_cpbn Daniel Ferreira Costa
Daniel earned a B.S. in Pharmacy from Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (2013). Currently, he is pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Systems. His research focuses on developing multifunctional micellar systems for delivery of antitumor drugs. Daniel is a grantee of Science without Borders Scholarship Program, CAPES, Brazil.
 Bhushan01 Bhushan S. Pattni
Bushan received his B.S. in pharmacy from the University of Pune, India and M.S. in biomedical sciences from Northeastern University. After working in biopharmaceutical companies, he joined Professor Vladimir Torchilin’s group as a Ph.D. student in 2012, majoring in pharmaceutics and drug delivery systems. His current research focuses on delivery of novel small molecule anticancer drugs in combination with siRNA and a pro-apoptotic ligand, TRAIL. His research interests also include development of in vitro models of 3-dimensional spheroid cell cultures.
  Aditi Jhaveri
Aditi received her B.S. in pharmacy from India. She earned M.S in pharmaceutical sciences from Northeastern University. Her graduate work investigated the use of magnetic drug-targeting and hyperthermia for the treatment of thyroid cancer. Aditi is an invited member of the prestigious Phi Kappa Phi Interdisciplinary Honor society. As a PhD candidate at CPBN, she has worked on multiple projects, and her current research focuses on the use of liposomal nanomedicine for the effective treatment of brain tumors.
 Bhawani Aryasomayajula04 Bhawani Aryasomayajula
Bhawani graduated with B.S. degree in pharmacy from Manipal University and a M.S. degree in pharmaceutical sciences from Northeastern university. She is working on stimuli sensitive liposomes for the delivery of cytotoxic drugs to the tumor tissue.
  Pranali Prabhakar Deshpande
Pranali holds a B.S. degree in pharmacy from India and a M.S. degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Northeastern university. Her research work involves formulation of dual functional liposomes for enhanced cancer-cell targeting and improved intracellular delivery
Shravan01 Shravan Kumar Sriraman, PhD, 2012-2015
From November 2015, Senior Scientific Researcher at Genentech,San Francisco, CA. His research is focused on the development of novel cancer therapeutics such as combination liposome-based systems.
 Shean Essex01 Sean Essex, Ph.D.  2009-2013
From June 2014, Scientist III at Thermo Fisher Scientific (Life Technologies), Carlsbad, CA. Well acquainted with In vivo experimental procedures viz. xenograft tumor model development, organ harvesting and biodistribution studies. Proficient at In vitro cell culture work including murine and mammalian tumor cell line propagation and maintenance, cytotoxicity and protein assays, intracellular uptake studies. Expertise at operating several instruments viz. Flow cytometer, Confocal microscope, Size and Zeta potential analyzer, UV and Fluorescence spectrophotometers. Experienced at formulating polymeric micellar delivery systems loaded with siRNA and formulation optimization.
 Namita Dodwadkar08 Namita Dodwadkar, Ph.D. 09/2009-04/2013
From November 2014, Senior Scientist, Novartis, Boston, MA. Namita’s research interests are focused on targeting the endocannabinoid system which is comprised of twocharacterized cannabinoid receptors, endogenous cannabinoids and several proteins and enzymes involved in their biosynthesis, transport and bio-inactivation.
Namita made history in December 2014 by winning the nation’s first ever Mrs. India USA pageant.
 Nirav03 Niravkumar Patel, Ph.D. 09/2010-06/2013
From July 203, Scientist, Nemucore Medical Innovations, Worcester, MA. Expertise in designing cell based assays in vitro and efficacy studies in vivo for small molecules as well as nanoparticle formulations. Proficient working with monolayer cell culture and 3D spheroid culture. Skillful performing various assays such as cytotoxicity assays, ELISA, western blot, cell association, protein expression, DNA fragmentation, transfection (plasmid & siRNA), and LC-MS/MS analysis in GLP regulated environment.
 Abraham Abouzeid03 Abraham Abouzeid, Ph.D. 09/2010-05/2014
From June 2014, Research Biologist, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD. Exploring new microfluidic methods for the production of drug-loaded liposomes and also the development of new standards for protein particulates. Investigating the effect of liposomal size, prepared by continuous-flow microfluidics, on the targeted delivery and toxicity of chemotherapeutics against various tumor cell types.
 Bobby Riehle01 Bobby Riehle, Ph.D. 09/2010-01/2012
From February 2013, Senior Associate, Treacy & Company, Boston, MA.
Management consultant focused on developing and implementing growth & innovation strategies at the senior executive level across multiple industries. Able to bring a unique set of skills and experience acquired through a PhD education and past client work in strategy development, growth planning, market and portfolio analysis, and product & go-to-market innovations.
 Madhura Madhura Deshpande, Ph.D. 09/2010-06/2014
From June 2014, Co-op at Genentech, San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Technical skills: Formulation development; Biophysical/ Bioanalytical characterization; Imaging; Cell Culture; Animal studies.
 Ritesh Thekkedath01 Ritesh Thekkedath, Ph.D. 09/2007-05/2012
Research Scientist/ Project Lead, Integral Biosystems, Boston, MA
Experience in the formulation development for oncology, lysosomal storage disease related projects and ophthalmic formulations.
 Jaidev Upponi03 Jaydev Upponi, Ph.D.  09/2007-01/2012
From October 2013, Editor, Drug Delivery Scientist and Entrepreneur at JoVE, MA, and from April 2012, Co-Founder at Biolom, MA.
Expertise in the areas of novel or lipid-based drug delivery, its development and characterization with a focus on preparing delivery systems for therapy and diagnosis in cancer research; preparation and testing of diagnostic bio-sensor device for early detection of biomarkers.
 Onkar Vaze01 Onkar Vaze, Ph.D.  09/2007-12/2011
From January 2013, Formulation/Drug Delivery Scientist at Emphascience, Inc., Rochester, NY. Pharmaceutical scientist with academic/industrial experience designing, planning, and conducting comprehensive research, analysis, and experimentation to drive the development of new drug formulations. Experience in pre-formulation studies, formulation development of small and large molecules, preclinical pharmacology (in vivo testing and pharmacokinetic studies).
 Anjali Apte02 Anjali Apte, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist, Biopharm process research at Glaxo SmithKline, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom                
 Claudio Falcao01 Claudio Borges Falcao, Ph.D. 2007-2011
Scientist, Federal University Of Ceara – Brazil
 Rishikesh Sawant01 Rishikesh Sawant, Ph.D.  2001-2007
From June 2008, Scientist I at Vertex Pharmaceuticals.
 Bhawna Gupta03 Bhawna Gupta, Ph.D. 2003-2006
From 2012, Dr. Bhawna Gupta, a skilled pharmaceutical scientist, an assistant professor of surgery at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.
 Tamer Elbayoumi02 Tamer Elbayoumi, Ph.D. 2001-2006
From May 2014, Associate Professor at Midwestern University. Specialties: Lipid-based nanocarrier formulation: Liposomes; Micelles; Nanoemulsions; Tumor and cardiovascular targeting of drugs, poly/oligo-nucleotides & diagnostic agents; In vivo bioimaging & DMPK/PD analysis of drug delivery systems.
 Srinivas Chakilam01 Ananthsrinivas Chakilam, Ph.D. 1999-2004
From September 2011, Research Fellow 1 at Vertex Pharmaceuticals. An experienced scientist in biotransformation area,  with a solid background in organic chemistry and good mechanistic understanding of different biotransformation pathways.
 Santosh Pabba01 Santosh Pabba, Ph.D.  2000-2005
Senior Staff fellow at Food and Drug Administration, Silver Spring, MD.