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This wiki is accessible to contributors worldwide for additions and changes. Contributors may edit exiting pages or add pages additional pages within the scope of the wiki. Contributions can include descriptions on your own research so long as it is written from a neutral point of view.

This wiki uses MediaWiki, the same wiki package as used on Wikipedia. Accordingly, the interface and markup language formatting will be familiar to users of that site and much of its documentation will be applicable here. In particular, the basic formatting rules will be helpful. Other formatting rules and conventions specific to this wiki are described on this page.

For those unfamiliar with wiki software, the following procedure may be used to edit a page:

  1. Request an account:
  2. Once you obtain your credentials, login
  3. Navigate to the page to be edited. If adding a new page, edit the URL with the name of the new page, for example:
  4. Click "Edit" in the upper right tab (or "Create" if adding a new page)
  5. Scroll down to find the wiki source code to be edited. The basic formatting rules will be helpful.
  6. Click "Show preview" to see the effect of the changes and edit further if necessary. Note the edit box is below the preview of the page.
  7. Click "Save page" at the bottom to save any changes

Types of Pages

There are currently four major type of pages in this wiki.

Summarized Studies
These pages contain a summary of one study conduced on some aspect of steel-concrete composite systems.
Examples: Perea et al. 2013 and Bruneau and Marson 2004
Reference Lists
These pages contain a list with links of the summariezed studies as well as lists of additional supplementary references.
Examples: CFT Member Studies and CFT Fire Studies
These pages contain tables with qualitative and quantitative data detailing particular studies, useful for determining the scope of previous research.
Example: Table of Experimental Studies on Axially Loaded Column Tests
These pages contain databases of experimental results with quantitative data pertaining to individual specimens.
Example: CFT Push-Out Test Database

Writing a New Summary

Often the reference for a new summary will be listed in the supplementary references on a reference list page. If that is the case, when writing a new summary, the corresponding reference should be moved to the appropriate spot and linked to the new page. Additionally, when writing a new summary, there is often one or more relevant tables which could be updated with data from the summarized study.

A list of published works that are relevant but have not yet been summarized can be found here: Composite_Systems:WorkItems. Additionally, the lists of supplementary references contain many papers that could be summarized for this wiki.


Categories or tags are a useful way of keeping pages organized based on their content. Pages can be added to a category by adding this text to the page: [[Category:Name_of_category]]. Each page can be assigned to multiple categories. The following is a list of some of the tags used in this wiki: