Han, Wang, and Yu 2010

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Experimental Study, Results, and Discussion

Six tests were performed in which reinforced concrete CFST column planar frames were tested with ISO-834 standard fire. The frames consisted of two CFST columns and a reinforced concrete (RC) beam and RC slab. Six CFST columns (four circular, and two square) were tested under axial load until failure. The frames had an inner square steel tube with radius 5 mm. Holes were drilled into the columns to provide ventilation for water vapor which is produced during fire exposure. In many cases in China, a passive fire coating is applied to achieve the most economical solution. The fire test began at 20oC, and a ceramic blanket was used between the slab and the furnace. 16 thermocouples were used to read the temperature, and seven displacement gauges were placed to record vertical displacement. Axial load was applied to the members until failure, which occurs when the rate of contraction reaches .003H mm/min, and when the maximum deflection exceeds L/30mm, where L is the effective length of the beam.


Han, L.,Wang, W., Yu, H. (2010). “Experimental behaviour of reinforced concrete (RC) beam to concrete-filled steel tubular (CFST) column frames subjected to ISO-834 standard fire.” Engineering Structures, 32 (10), October.