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Categories or tags are added at the bottom of each page. These categories are a way of keeping pages organized based off of their topics. Multiple tags should be used to better classify the summarized studies. Each summarized study should also receive a "Summaries" tag. The following is a list of the tags currently used on this wiki and the syntax for inserting them:

[[Category:Experimental Study]]

[[Category:Analytical Study]]

[[Category:Concrete-Filled Steel Tubes]]

[[Category:Load Transfer]]

[[Category:Axial Load]]

[[Category:Shear Load]]

[[Category:Bending Moment]]


[[Category:Combined Load]]


[[Category:Cyclic Load]]


Page Titles

The page titles for the summarized studies have been formatted in the following way:

Author 1 Lastname, Author 2 Lastname, and Author 3 Lastname Year of Publication

This pages URL would look like the following:,_Author2Lastname,_Author3Lastname_YearofPublication

For pages with more than three contributing authors the following convention has been used:

Author 1 Last Name et al. Year of Publication

Page Setups

Writing a New Summary

When a new summary is added the following procedure should be followed. 1. Check to see if the paper is already listed as a supplemental reference. If the paper is listed as a supplemental reference move the reference to the summarized studies table. If the paper is not listed as a supplemental reference add the reference to the summarized studies table. 2. 3.