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This work comprises a series of databases, available on the internet, documenting 1,819 CFT tests. A comparison between the test results and Eurocode predictions is made, with conclusions on the safety of the design code.

Analytical Study and Discussion

A series of databases documenting 1,819 CFT tests has been compiled. The tests are segregated by shape (circular or rectangular), length (L/D<4 or L/D>4), and moment (with moment or without moment), into eight databases. Supplementary databases were also compiled for tests with preload on the steel tube, sustained load on the column before loading the column to failure, biaxial bending, as well as 8- and 16-sided specimens. The basic data presented includes: the reference, geometric properties, material properties, and peak strength achieved during the test. Several derived values are also presented in the database, including the predicted strength from the Eurocode. Figures that compare the test results to the Eurocode provisions accompany each of the databases.

Detailed comparisons between the test results and Eurocode predictions are presented, with comments on various subsets of the data, as well as discussion of outliers.

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Goode, C. D. (2008). “Composite Columns - 1819 Tests on Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Columns Compared with Eurocode 4.” The Structural Engineer, 86(16), 33–38.