Meet the Ambassadors

So... What can the Graduate Student Ambassadors help me with?

Ambassadors are happy you with a lot of your questions regarding (but not limited to):
  • Department + Program Specifics Activities, Events and General Happenings  |  Graduate Student Councils  |  Course Insight and Opinions  |  "Who do I talk to when..."
  • The Student Experience + Perspective Opportunities to get involved with student organizations  |  Resources available through the College and University  |  Co-op Experiences
  • Relocating to Boston, Seattle or Silicon Valley Places to see and explore, both on and around campus  |  Awesome close locations to travel to and experience  |  Where to go to eat, shop, relax, and party  |  Areas safe to live in and spots to avoid
  • Things to take advantage of during your time at NEU

... but CAN NOT assist with decisions, statuses or funding.
Ambassadors ask that you please email the Admissions team via Husky Desk ( if you have questions on the following:
  • Application Eligibility + Profiles Exam Score Submission or Waivers
  • Admission Decisions or Statuses Receipt of Materials
  • Course Registration Details + Troubleshooting *Reach out to your Academic Advisor or Point of Contact Note: Ambassadors CAN give opinions on courses (e.g. electives and workloads)
  • International Student Processing (I20 or Visa Status)
  • Financial Aid + Funding Opportunities (Learn more about this on our blog and FAQ)
  • Website, Payment, myNortheastern or IT Issues

Ambassadors are students - just like you - which means they unable to assist with queries that require access to special information.