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A Home Away from Home!!

Leaving behind the care and comfort of a place we call home: A new beginning brings with itself a lot of adventures, excitement and feelings. I never thought I could live on my own. But I do now. Showers of love from family over video calls, talks of my favorite dishes which I cannot cook, fights with my sister over stupid things is something I miss the most.

You will soon be here. For a fresh start in a beloved city we call Boston, which I call now call my second home. Soon, it will be yours too. Your friends will be your family. In times of need, they will support you, care for you, and love you. You have all the right to think you will never be able to make best friends like the one you already have. But I am here to tell you, you will make family here.

Boston is one of the most multicultural cities in the States. With Indian Vada Pav to Chinese Jianbing to Middle Eastern Shawarma to your hometown cuisine, you will find it all. You will step into a different walk of life that will teach you things you would have never thought, will give experiences which you would have never experienced. There will be rough times, especially during festive seasons, birthdays, occasions. But be strong, this will be your home now.

Moreover, Boston houses great minds and is a plethora of opportunities. While there were several options, Boston overpowered them for me because of the exposure this city can provide with the presence of skilled entrepreneurs and business tycoons. The city is an art in itself and it took me no time to fall for the charm. Somewhere in between spending time at the Charles esplanade and Sea Harbor to exploring Cambridge and the financial district, I was certain that this is going to be my home away from home!!

Seven months in the states have given me family, happiness, colleagues, love, sadness and much more. I am sure, just like me, even you all will be here leaving behind your home, family, friends, in search of some advanced studies and with a goal to achieve something in life. Each one of us aspire to be someone better than what we are today and for that better future we have come miles afar with a hope to have the best postgraduate experience. You will be here for your all-round development, so don’t hesitate to try new food, get to know about American football/ baseball, make new friends, be a part of the American culture and just work towards your goal with positivity.

As a friend, colleague, mentor whatever you would want to call me, I invite you to your new home at Northeastern University.

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