Super Sunday 5K Race

The Northeastern Triathlon Team volunteered at the Super Sunday 5k on Sunday, February 2! The race was put on by the Race Cancer foundation, both to raise funds for cancer organizations and to promote overall health and wellness in the community. There were many points along the course that needed to be staffed, so the team split up to different stations, and immediately got to work. Armed with traffic barriers and cones, they sectioned off their assigned streets so that runners could safely complete their race without cars interfering. When the race started, the team of runners cheered on the participants racing to the finish line. They also helped divert cars, bikers, and pedestrians from crossing the course. Northeastern Club Triathlon will continue to volunteer at races so that they understand all the work and manpower that goes into organizing events like these. They also serve as excellent team bonding experiences for them as they watch everyone strive to accomplish their goals and participate in a good cause.

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