Spikeball Dominates at Sectionals!

Individual Bracket (70 teams of 2):

6 of the 8 quarterfinal teams in the individual bracket were Northeastern Huskies. This resulted in an individual podium sweep for Northeastern.

Club Bracket (21 squads [3 teams/6 players per]):

In the club bracket, for 16 spots available spots, Northeastern entered as the 1, 2, 4, and 10 seeds. Their top 3 squads were better than next 10 school’s top squads. They were unfortunately unable to match up on the Podium as UConn knocked off their B squad in the semis, resulting in a 1st & 3rd finish for the A & B squads respectively. The A squad didn’t drop a single game en-route to their 5th consecutive club sectional win!

Huskies once again dominate sectionals!

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