Powerlifting (Women's)

The Northeastern University Women’s Powerlifting team (NUWPL) is a student-run organization that is committed to facilitating a safe and motivating atmosphere for the furthering of current and prospective members’ potential powerlifting careers. NUWPL teaches members how to properly execute the three essential lifts in powerlifting: squat, bench, and deadlift. In the fall, the team trains raw to build a foundation for equipped powerlifting. In the spring, the team begins the equipped training cycles in preparation for Collegiate Nationals. Collegiate Nationals is NUWPL’s biggest competition of the year, but the team will also compete in smaller meets throughout the year. NUWPL is also dedicated to promoting drug-free powerlifting in the Northeast region of the United States and across the globe. Joining NUWPL can help prospective members in developing confidence, ambition, and empowerment within themselves, as well as building strength in all aspects of their lives.

Executive Board 2018-2019:  

Tina Zheng

President Zheng.ti@husky.neu.edu nupowerlifting@gmail.com

Morgan Stahl

Vice President

Audrey Friedman


Lauren Martires


Elizabeth Taft

Social Media