Our main research directions, the bare essentials described with some keywords and a few (recent) outcomes.

Advanced GNSS receiver design:

Keywords: Resilient navigation, anti-jamming, anti-spoofing, high-sensitivity processing, direct position estimation, ionospheric scintillation, GNSS/IMU hybridization, and software-defined radio.

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Indoor navigation:

Keywords: GNSS, WiFi, UWB, IMU, map matching, crowd-enhanced localization, and sensor fusion.

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Wireless communications:

Keywords: Interference-robust communications, bandwidth constrained cooperation, deep space communications, low-SNR conditions.

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Mathematical biology:

Keywords: Computational neuroscience, single neuron tracking, epidemiology and outbreak detection.

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Robust filtering in Complex Systems:

Keywords: Stochastic filtering, high-dimensionality, model mismatch, Sequential Monte Carlo, particle filtering, sigma-point Kalman filtering, and estimation bounds.

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