December 2017


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Center faculty member awarded new research contract

Center faculty member, Gilbert N. Nyagareceived a research contract from the Center for Advanced Procurement Strategy (CAPS) to study the role of physicians in hospital supply chains. 

CAPS Research is jointly sponsored by member companies, Institute of Supply Management and the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. Nyaga’s study will examine challenges and opportunities for hospitals in the management of expensive medical supplies used by physicians for patient care. 

Center welcomes new PhD candidate

Ngoc Thai is a first-year PhD student in the Population Health program at Northeastern University. She has several years of experience working as a biostatistician in the healthcare and biotech industry. She is currently a data scientist at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. 

Her research interests include evaluating innovative healthcare payment and delivery methods, quality measures, and consumer choice in healthcare. She is looking forward to working with Gary Young, other faculty members, and researchers at the center. 

PhD candidate joins Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) 
Geri CramerBSN, MBA, PhD Candidate in the Population Health program at Northeastern University, is currently performing health technology assessment (HTA) for the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) in Boston, MA. 

Her work entails performing systematic literature reviews and network meta-analyses. ICER is a non-profit organization that evaluates evidence on the value of medical tests, treatments and delivery system innovations to improve the health care system.

New book publication by center faculty member
Center faculty member, Timothy Hoff, releases new book on doctor- patient relationship entitled “Next in Line: Lowered Care Expectations in the Age of Retail-and Value-Based Health”

Click Here to listen to the podcast segment with the New England Journal of Medicine about the book. 

Recent publications by center faculty
 Cramer, G., S. Singh, S. Flaherty, and G. Young. “The Progress of U.S. Hospitals in       Addressing Community Health Needs” American Journal of Public Health. 2017; 107, 255   -260. 

 Malley, A. M., & Young, G. J. (2017). A qualitative study of patient and provider   experiences during preoperative care transitions. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 26(13-14),     2016-2024. 

 Singh, S. R., & Young, G. J. (2017). Tax-Exempt Hospitals’ Investments in Community   Health and Local Public Health Spending: Patterns and Relationships. Health Services   Research52(S2), 2378-2396.

 Young, G, N. Rickles, J. Benzer and A. Dangi. “Management of Medicare Part D   Prescription Plans: A Conceptual Framework and Empirical Analysis” Medical Care,   2017; 55: 37-42.

 Zepeda, E. D., Nyaga, G. N., & Young, G. J. (2016). Supply chain risk management and   hospital inventory: Effects of system affiliation. Journal of Operations Management44,   30-47.

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