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November 2015
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Improving Patient-centric healthcare
David Zepeda, assistant professor in the Supply Chain & Information Management group and faculty associate with the Center for Health Policy & Healthcare Research, was selected to present two papers at the Production & Operations Management (POM) Special Issue Conference on Patient-Centric Health Care Management in the Age of Analytics hosted by the Kelley School 
of Business at Indiana University. 
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“For years, the Medicare pre­scrip­tion drug ben­efit Part D has been cred­ited with pos­i­tively impacting national trends in health out­comes and med­ical ser­vices. But a recent study led by North­eastern pro­fessor Becky Briesacher chal­lenges that assump­tion and sug­gests that the U.S. Con­gres­sional Budget Office’s adopted a new costing method based on assumed cost-savings may be ‘premature.'”
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Courtesy of Modern Healthcare
According to faculty member Timothy Hoffnurse practitioners have an increasing role in primary care in part due to the expansion of health insurance in the United States as well as the aging population. Dr. Hoff argues that understanding the role of nurse practitioners is key to understanding the future of healthcare delivery.Read more

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The ACA, The ADA, And Wellness Program Incentives, A commentary from a faculty memeber
Courtesy of the D’Amore-McKim LeadersatWork blog
According to Kristin Madison “Wellness programs have been enthusiastically embraced by employers seeking to promote health
and hoping to control costs. On April 20, 2015, program proponents received long awaited news: the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issued a proposed rule clarifying how the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) would apply to wellness programs. Many large employers likely breathed a sigh of relief
upon reading the rule, but the rule is not final and may reignite a longstanding debate over the appropriate use of wellness incentives.” Read more

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“Public-health law expert Wendy E. Parmet
 is the George J. and Kath­leen Waters Matthews Distin­guished Pro­fessor of Law and Pro­fessor of Public Policy and Urban Affairs at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity. She co-authored an article in the July 22 issue of the New Eng­land Journal of Med­i­cine exploring the evolving land­scape of vac­ci­na­tion policy. We [news@northeastern] asked her to dis­cuss some of the impli­ca­tions of the new law in California.” Read more
Faculty Member Receives Best Paper Award

Faculty member Gilbert Nyaga received this year’s Jack Meredith Best Paper Award Finalist award for his co-authored paper published in the Journal of Operations Management in 2010.The award is given to an article published in JOM over the last five years (2010-2014) that had the greatest impact. Impact was assessed based on various metrics including Google Scholar citations and ISI Web of Science statistics. The article has been cited more than 300 times.

Article details:
Gilbert N. Nyaga, Judith M. Whipple & Daniel F. Lynch (2010) “Examining supply chain relationships: Do buyer and supplier perspectives on collaborative relationships differ?” Journal of Operations Management 28(2): 101-114.