Professor of Management, Healthcare Systems and Health Policy

Management and Organizational Development Group, D’Amore-McKim School of Business;
School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs


Timothy Hoff


Before going into academia, Dr. Hoff worked in hospital administration and as a health care consultant.  He is a nationally recognized organizational and medical sociologist in the study of health workforce issues, health care quality, primary care, and clinician behavior.  His book entitled Practice Under Pressure:  Primary Care Physicians and Their Work in the 21st Century, a sociological analysis of the everyday world of primary care physicians earned an Outstanding Academic Title award from Choice Magazine in 2010.  Some of Dr.Hoff’s research has won national awards from the American Sociological Association, Academy of Management, and Society for Applied Anthropology.  As the former Division Chair of the Health Care Management Division of the Academy of Management, the largest association for management academics in the world, Dr. Hoff played an international leadership role in advancing health management research.  In 2012, he was recognized as one of the 100 most influential professors of public health in the United States.  He enjoys publishing in top health care and management journal outlets, and is currently co-editor on a book that we hope will become the seminal reference volume on understanding the conceptual and applied impacts of health professions’ changes in the U.S.  He loves to teach and have taught to undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students.  Dr. Hoff is also on the editorial boards of the journals Medical Care Research and Review and Health Care Management Review.  When he can, Dr. Hoff participates in executive education and management consulting related to talent management, leadership development, and organizational change in health care.  Currently, Dr. Hoff is studying medical home implementation, primary care system transformation, team implementation in health care, and the changing nature of the physician-patient relationship in U.S. health care, with some of this work funded by government and private organizations.


Research Interests:
My interests are in the sociological and social-psychological aspects of health care systems.  I am currently research primary care delivery transformation, the changing nature of the provider-patient relationship under health reform, and provider adaptation to value-based purchasing.  I use qualitative methods heavily in my work and rely mostly on primary data collection for my studies.  I am always interested in talking with researchers who can complement my theoretical and methodological focus when examining similar types of research questions.  I also like to do applied work that has a high scholarly content in terms of the use of sophisticated theories in organizational behavior and sociology.


Classes Taught:
Health Organization Management: MBA Course
Critical Issues in Health Care Delivery: Undergraduate health care business course
Doctoral Seminar in Health Care Systems


Recent Publications:

Hoff, T. (2013). Patient-Centered Medical Home Implementation: A Sensemaking Taxonomy of Hard and Soft Best Practices. The Milbank Quarterly. 91(4): 771-810. 


DePuccio, M. and T. Hoff. (2013). Medical Home Interventions and Quality Outcomes for Older Adults: A Systematic Review. Quality Management in Health Care, 22(4): 327-40.


Hoff, T. (2013). Towards a Diversified Future for U.S. Primary Care. American Journal of Managed Care, 19(1) e9-e13.


Hoff, T., Weller, W., DePuccio M. (2012). The Patient-Centered Medical Home: A Review of Recent Research. Medical Care Research and Review, 69: 619-44.


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