Professor of Law and Health Sciences

School of Law; Bouvé College of Health Sciences


Kristin Madison


Kristin Madison, J.D., Ph.D., holds a joint appointment in the School of Law and the Bouvé College of Health Sciences. After graduating from college, she worked as a research assistant at a health care consulting firm and then received a JD from Yale and a PhD in economics from Stanford.  She was a member of the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania Law School for ten years before joining Northeastern in 2011.


Professor Madison’s research lies at the intersection of health law, health policy, and health economics.  Her early work involved an empirical analysis of the impact of hospital system membership and hospital-physician affiliations on Medicare patient treatments, expenditures, and outcomes.  Much of her subsequent work has evaluated the implications of health care quality reporting and related trends for patients, providers and regulators. For example, in addition to examining legal constraints on quality reporting, she has considered how more widespread dissemination and use of quality measures might affect antitrust policy and efforts to combat fraud.


More recently, in journals such as JAMA and the Journal of Law, Medicine, and Ethics, she has written about legal and policy issues related to employers’ use of financial incentives to promote health.  Motivated in part by her experience as a member of Massachusetts’ Health Information Technology Council, she has also been examining how regulators could use improved data collection and analysis to better inform their decision-making.


Research Interests:
Primary areas of current research interest are health care quality regulation, including quality reporting; the use of financial incentives to influence health behaviors; and the development of data infrastructures necessary to support improved health care regulation.


Classes Taught:
Health Care Law: A lecture-based course in the law school focusing on regulation of hospitals and physicians
Current Issues in Health Law and Policy: A discussion and paper-based law school seminar
Health Policy in an Era of Reform: A discussion and paper-based course in the undergraduate honors program
Economic Perspectives on Health Policy: A lecture and discussion-based course for graduate students (including law students) and undergraduate seniors


Recent Publications:

Health Regulators as Data Stewards, 92 N.C. L. Rev. (forthcoming 2014).


Building a Better Laboratory: The Federal Role in Promoting Health System Experimentation, 41 Pepp. L. Rev. 765 (2014).


Donabedian’s Legacy: The Future of Health Care Quality Law & Policy, 10 Ind. Health L. Rev. 325 (2013).


Smoking, Obesity, Health Insurance, and Health Incentives in the Affordable Care Act, 310 JAMA 143 (2013)(with Harald Schmidt & Kevin G. Volpp).


From HCQIA to the ACA: The Evolution of Reporting as a Quality Improvement Tool, 33 J. Legal Med. 63 (2012).


Legal Issues in Health Care Quality Reporting, Lahey Clinic J. Med. Ethics, Winter 2012, at 4.