Professor; Director, Northeastern University Center for Health Policy and Healthcare Research

International Business and Strategy Group, D’Amore-McKim School of Business;
Health Sciences Department, Bouvé College of Health Sciences


Gary Young


Gary Young is Director of the Northeastern University Center for Health Policy and Healthcare Research as well as Professor of Strategic Management and Healthcare Systems, Northeastern University.  He is also affiliated with the Health Services Research and Development Service of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Dr. Young’s research focuses on organizational, managerial, and legal issues associated with the delivery of healthcare services. He has received research funding from both government agencies and private foundations including the National Science Foundation, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  His published work has appeared in such journals as the New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of the American Medical Association, Health Affairs, Medical Care, and Academy of Management Journal.  In 1998, he received from the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA) the John D. Thompson Prize in Health Services Research.  In 2012, he was appointed by the US Secretary of the Treasury to the Internal Revenue Service’s Advisory Committee on Tax Exempt and Government Entities, one of several congressionally mandated committees that advise the IRS on policy and procedural issues. He received a law degree and Ph.D. in Management from the State University of New York.


Research Interests:
My interests generally cover management, legal, and policy issues affecting the delivery of healthcare services.  Much of my recent research focuses on the measuring and evaluating the performance of healthcare providers particularly in the area of quality of care, the potential for using performance-based financial incentives in the health care industry to improve quality of care, management approaches to improving coordination of patient care, and strategic adaptation of healthcare providers to industry change.


Classes Taught:
Strategic Management for Health Care Organizations: Comprised of lectures, cases, and class discussions
Evaluating Quality of Care: Comprised of lectures, research projects, and class discussions


Recent Publications:

Young, G., H. Beckman and E. Baker. “Financial Incentives, Professional Values and Performance: A Study of Pay-for-Performance in a Professional Organization” Journal of Organizational Behavior, 2012; 33: 964-983.


Mohr, D., J. Benzer and G. Young. “Provider Workload and Quality of Care in Primary Care Settings:  Moderating Role of Relational Climate” Medical Care, 2012; 51: 108–114.


Young, G., C. Chou, J. Alexander, S, Lee and E. Raver. “Provision of Community Benefits by Tax Exempt U.S. Hospitals” New England Journal of Medicine (Special Article), 2013; 368: 1519 — 1527.


Benzer, J., G. Young, J. Burgess, E. Baker, D. Mohr, M. Charns and P. Kaboli. “Sustainability of  Quality Improvement Following Removal of Pay-for-Performance Incentives” Journal of General Internal Medicine. 2014; 29:127-132.


Young, G., N. Rickles, C. Chou and E. Raver, “Enrollee Socio-Economic Characteristics Appear to Influence Medicare Part D Contractors’ Performance Scores for  Medication Adherence” Health Affairs. 2014.