Student Organization Support

This is most germane to those department alumni who live in the Boston area. Those who travel to Boston frequently may also be interested. There are currently about 10 alumni who have volunteered for this activity. Expanding the volunteer population can help ensure a diverse group of department alumni can be available to address the student’s issues, concerns and questions.

The extensive crossover of curriculum and students between ChEng and BioEng infer there are opportunities to expand the groups alumni can support. There are also opportunities to broaden the support from panel discussions to dialogues on current industry trends, additional skill development needs, etc.

A volunteer should expect to be contacted by the program coordinator a few weeks before the event is schedule to inquire about availability. Typically, this has been an iterative process trying to match participant’s experiences with the intent of the activity.
These activities have traditionally been held on campus, on a weekday and in the early evening. The activities normally are a couple of hours with an opportunity for some one-on-one dialogue between alumni and students at the conclusion.

Please fill out the form below to have the Program Coordinator of this volunteer opportunity contact you: