Developing Industrial Funding for ChE Department Research

This initiative is focused on developing alternatives to government funding which is likely to diminish in the future and is highly inefficient. Researchers spend considerable time preparing proposals with the likelihood of securing less than 10-15% of those that they submit. Industrial funding or entrepreneurial venture initiatives are by no means easy, but once developed have a much greater chance of long term funding and financial rewards for the researcher and the university.

Volunteers participating in this initiative will have the opportunity to contribute to the department through both general and specific research activities. General activities include organizing specific industry focused on-campus forums and poster sessions, working with researchers to give their presentations and proposals greater industrial need focus and helping researchers with presentation and networking skills.

Specific volunteer contributions would depend on the technical and business expertise, experience and interest of the volunteer and the development of a 1 – on – 1 relationship with a specific researcher in one of the following area:

Advanced Materials
Nanomaterials for medical applications
Polymeric biomaterials for medical products
Biochemical Engineering
Organs on a chip
Drug delivery
Clean Fuel
Studies of electrochemical systems in batteries, sensors and fuel cells
Batteries for power grid energy storage
Intermittent solar and wind energy storage
Computational Chemical Engineering
Microkinetic models of complex reacting systems

This is a new initiative and therefore gives the volunteer considerable opportunity to structure their contributions in line with their specific interests and expertise.

Please fill out the form below to have the Program Coordinator of this volunteer opportunity contact you: