CHME Career Path Speaker Events Department

Interested in getting involved in CHME Career Path Speaker Events at Northeastern? Great; we have lots of ways you can get involved! Every Fall and Spring we invite speakers to participate on different panels to help educate current students about various chemical engineering career paths and grad school options, current employment opportunities, and/or technology at your company, etc.

Employer Panels/Presentations: in-class presentation/panel

CHME2000 Intro to Co-op Employer Presentations: this is a short (10 minute) presentation where each company representative talks about their technology and what qualities they look for in a co-op student. It helps educate the sophomore student on different opportunities within chemical engineering and also provides an opportunity for you to meet with prospective students that may be applying to co-op positions at your companies.

CHME3000 Professional Issues:

  • Grad School Panel: Q&A professionals with various graduate degrees including Master’s, PhD’s, and MBA’s talk about the pro’s and con’s of various degree paths and answer questions from juniors.
  • Career Panel: CHME alumni Q&A focuses on your personal/professional journey. Helps juniors think about their career path options.

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