Chemical Engineering Events Volunteer

The engineering field has many different kinds of events around the world each year. We are hoping to find a way to bring together NU ChE faculty, staff and alumni who attend these events to create more of a community within our department and make the events even more entertaining to attend.

If you are an Events Volunteer, we simply ask that you inform the ChE Program Coordinator of all Engineering events in your area, and/or of events that you are attending pertaining to the field. Let the Program Coordinator know of all events, at least a month ahead of time. We will then pass that information along to our alumni, students and faculty in hopes to grow the interest in attending the event. In addition, we will ask if you would be interested in being a representative so that we can give your contact information out when we share the event description. Having a representative at the event allows NU ChE members to connect easily and feel more comfortable when networking.

If you are informed of many engineering events and have a passion for connecting people with similar interests and backgrounds, this volunteer position would be great for you!

Please fill out the form below to have the Program Coordinator of this volunteer opportunity contact you: