1-on-1 Mentoring Initiative

Quite a few department alumni have volunteered to be mentors to the chemical engineering undergraduate community … about 100. We would like to see that number grow substantially as it would reflect more potential mentor choices for the student.

It is not expected that contact from a student would result in a longer term mentoring relationship. The mentor can make that choice if it seems appropriate to you and the student.

A volunteer could expect an email contact or phone contact from a student who has utilized the website to screen potential mentors based on a standardized mentor profile that describes a variety of industries and job experiences as well a few personal details.To experience what a student would see if they accessed the website go to www.nuche1on1.com. The students are expected to access the website from the chemical engineering department’s homepage ( www.che.neu.edu ) … clicking on the Community Tab in the banner at the top of the page.

If you choose to volunteer to participate in this initiative you’ll be asked to complete a profile sheet and return to the program administrator. Your profile information will be included in the profile database by the administrator.

Then what happens … you wait until a potential mentee reaches out to you. The burden of the outreach activity is the students.
How frequently can you expect to be contacted by a potential mentee? That is a function of how closely your profile matches the issues/concerns students may wish to discuss.  Some volunteers have not been contacted yet while other have been contacted several times.

If you are contacted the expectation is you’ll have a dialogue with the potential mentee to determine if you can actually help. There may be subject matter or time constraints that makes it impossible for you to help at that time. That is an issue for you to discuss with the student. The student then has the option of re-entering the selection process to find an available mentor.

Please fill out the form below to have the Program Coordinator of this volunteer opportunity contact you: